New sponsors this winter !



A new brand, coming from Switzerland, which only propose high quality products, handcrafted and produced in Europe. 8 different powder skis for this seasons with Full Wood Core, Sidewall Construction, Carbon/Fiberglass… to be sure to offer the best that we deserve. If you’re looking for great powder skis, I advice you to have a look at the website:


La Glisse - negativ

Still got the confidence of those guys after many years, they’ve been and they ever will support the local scene around Grenoble(fr). But they also work on the web. So if you prefer to  support great local shop, and not just the big guys that offers you great deals without warranty. Here you’ll also found a service and a 25 years old knowledge.


Giro - negativ

Also new support this winter. Giro will protect my eyes with style. In collaboration with Carl Zeis for all optics, a wider shape to be sure to see everything coming, even at mac 2 in the trees !    Thx to the Sportpulsion team for this.


logoFF - 2012 - negativ

” La FF ” is originally a crew of friends, who share the same passion and the same view of the mountains. We travels to chase the good conditions, and to share them on your screen, sitting comfy in your couch, thinking about what you love the most… powder days. Take some time to watch our videos, you won’t be disappointed.